MagicDoodle features


1/ Brushes and pens: more than 40 different choices of art brushes and pencils.

2/ Eraser: 6 different heads with 6 different effects

3/ 6 canvas sizes, from screen size to seascape format.

4/ Magic Doodle own gallery, saved on SD card or specific location.

    - exportable to device's Magic Doodle photo gallery in PNG. Located in SD card.
    - edit old paintings
    - share paintings by email.
    - delete paintings

5/ Multi-layers

    - add
    - delete
    - duplicate
    - import image: imported picture can be resized and moved on the canvas.

    - mirror flip X and Y

    - move: switch layers' places.
    - merge down: the right layer merges on the left one.
    - transition: resize picture on the layer and move it.

    - fill layer with colors to create a background
    - opacity adjustment: layer becomes invisible if necessary.

6/ Save painting to Magic Doodle gallery. Tap on "my gallery" to save and overwrite the previous painting version. Tap on "save a copy" to make another copy of the painting.

7/ Grid : 3 models of drawing grid (square, rectangle and composition)

8/ Zoom: dual zooming methods for both resistive and capacitive (multi touch) screens.

    - supports multi touch
    - enlarge rate 5% to 1600%
    - move canvas
    - panning 100%
9/ Color:

    - 15 color palettes. More than 500 premixed colors, sorted by themes.

    - color wheel. With saving selected colors to the "last tools" palette.

10/ Last tools:

    - last used colors (56)
    - clear last colors: all colors are deleted, including the first default colors.
    - last used brushes (7)

11/ Color picker: accessible from the color palette page.

12/ Symmetry drawing:

    - vertical
    - horizontal
    - diagonal

13/ 3 working modes:
    - sketching
    - painting
    - abstract

14/ Smudge with 4 effects: soft - blur - light - darken.

15/ Undo - redo

16/ Clear current layer

17/ Quick brush size and opacity adjustment

18/ Invisible buttons shortcuts.

19/ Pointillism: painting dot by dot for more accuracy.

20/ Playback your painting in video. Actually the video is not exportable.